How To Play High Stakes Poker & Win Big in the Game

How To Play High Stakes Poker & Win Big in the Game – Poker is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing.” – Dutch Boyd

In the eternal words of Dutch Boyd, a lot of players don’t even have a clue what they’re doing when they’re sitting at a poker table. So if you don’t know how to play high stakes poker, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The high-octane game attracts some of the biggest and wealthiest players in the world. The stakes are high, but so are the rewards, which is why it’s crucial to be sure of your moves.

But if you’re having trouble navigating the thrilling waters of high stakes poker, CoinPoker has your back. So without further ado, let’s see what the game is, the lingo you need to know, and how to play high stakes poker live or online.

What Is High Stakes Poker?

First, let’s break down what high stakes poker is for all beginners. Essentially, it is a poker game that can be played with cash or crypto, live or online, against other players. The buy-in for a high stakes poker will vary from one table to the next, as will the stakes.

Now, online casinos tend to have lower stakes than live ones, not only for high stakes games, but also micro, small, and mid-levels. With that said, the lowest buy-in for a high stakes game you might find online is $1,000 No-Limit.

But you’ll also see some tables buying in for $2,000 or higher. The number tends to go up to $20,000 before we enter Nosebleed territory. Nosebleed stakes are a type of high stakes in which the buy-in starts from around $100,000.

Typically, the games where you need $100,000 to even get a seat at the table are played live. They’re also somewhat exclusive and elusive, but with the right budget, anyone can join in.

Depending on the casino or the room where you’re playing, you might find different variants of poker. The most common ones include Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Razz, and No-Limit. In some rooms, they change the variants every few hands, which is why you should be a pro at all of them because you never know what to expect.

Knowing Your Poker Lingo

High stakes games don’t allow for mistakes because a slip-up can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands. You also don’t want to trip up on some common or uncommon terms or lingo because it will show a lack of skill or insecurity. And as soon as other players sense uncertainty, they will pounce and outplay you.

To avoid having this happen to you, knowing the ins and out of poker lingo is what can potentially save your bankroll. And no matter if you’re a poker pro or a complete beginner, you should always keep learning and growing.

Luckily, CoinPoker has your back as we’ve designed the ultimate Poker Lingo guide, split up into three parts. Before you even consider sitting down at a high stakes table, make sure you know all of these by heart:

  • Poker Lingo: Part 1
    Poker Lingo: Part 2
    Poker Lingo: Part 3
    Top Poker Rules to Remember

Another cornerstone of learning how to play high stakes poker is knowing the rules to help give you the upper hand. First off, there are the blinds, which represent the amount every player has to put in before the cards are dealt. Every player is forced to place either a small or bigger blind during a round, after which the blinds move clockwise.

Then, there’s the bankroll management, which encompasses a ton of different poker rules. But the one golden rule that no player should forget is: Never play with more money than you can afford to lose!

Then, there are the betting rounds, which go through the Preflop, Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown stages. If you want to learn more about each, and what they signify in both tournament and regular play, check out the Top rules of poker you should remember guide.

How to Play High Stakes Poker

While you’re learning how to play high stakes poker, you might find it difficult to stay on topic. One of the main reasons people struggle with learning is that it’s easy to get bogged down in theory. Most would rather be playing than spending hours reading or watching dry material on poker.

Also, many materials are incomplete and lack the necessary elements to translate preparation into results. So today, we’ve decided to do things differently.

Once you’ve covered the poker lingo and the poker rules, you need to dive into strategy. Here are the top concepts that will improve your win rate.

Decreasing the Size of Continuation Bets in Multi-Way Pots
One of the most common mistakes you’ll see players making is c-betting too much on the flop when playing against two or more players. While we might excuse a total novice doing this, it’s a mistake we even see many pros doing.

The two best benefits of using a small c-bet size are:

Extracting value with made hands that you might not feel comfortable betting otherwise
Forcing players out of the pot for a low price
It’s quite risky to bet a normal size with one pair on this flop considering how many hands in other players’ range have out-flopped your aces. It’s also not a good idea to check because of the many terrible turn cards for your hand.

Using River Overbets on Favorable Board Textures
Another pretty effective, albeit complex, strategy is overbetting on the river. It will allow you to get the maximum value with your nutted hands, and you can generate fold-equity with your bluffs as much as possible.

The reason overbetting works is that when the board texture is much more favorable for your range compared to other players.

Not Playing Every Flush Draw the Same Way
Just because flush draws equal draws, it doesn’t mean you should be playing all of them the same way. Some variations of a flush draw to consider are:

  1. Flush draw and a pair
    One-card flush draw on a monotone board
    The nut flush draw
    Six-high flush draw
    Even though the differences between these variations might seem subtle, they all have varying degrees of strength. That’s why they require different strategies.

How to Play High Stakes Poker Online

Done right, playing poker online can easily become your main source of income — and a solid one at that. But many, if not most, games you find online only have micro or small stakes. The players at the tables hope to make long-term profits by playing enough hands and having sufficient margins.

Rising from small to mid to high stakes is not a risk many players undertake because they simply can’t afford to lose there. Apart from the few obvious changes, playing online isn’t that much different from playing live.

You have virtual dealers, the moves are all automatic, and you can’t really count on other people’s tells. That’s why it’s so important to know the game well because you won’t be able to depend on other cues.

If you’re feeling confident enough to begin, there’s no better place for you than CoinPoker. Our ever-growing community of players welcomes everyone, no matter their skill level.



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